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Easily visualize your Property Management Data without the need for a developer!

Consolidate Property Management Data

Connect to multiple data sources, including accounting software, leasing platforms, and maintenance tracking tools, to consolidate all your property management data in one place.

Visualize Historical and Forecasted Trends

Use our advanced analytics tools to uncover insights into occupancy rates, tenant demographics, rental income, expenses, and more with ease.

Share Insights and Analyze

Streamline your operations, reduce manual data entry, and improve the accuracy and timeliness of your reporting to save time and resources. This will also enhance your decision-making capabilities.

Solutions prepared for

Use PMAnalytics to make data-driven decisions quickly, analyze insights, and take action.

Financial Bookkeeping and Operations

Rent Collections, Payments, and Aged Receivables

Renovations, Maintenance, and Work Requests

Tenant Satisfaction and Turnover

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PMAnalytics is committed to customer success, and our dashboards are designed with the user in mind.

Robust Support and Tailored Experience!

We partner with our customers to ensure success

Ease of Implementation and Use

With just a few clicks, customers can connect their data sources, create their dashboards, and start analyzing their data.


Fair, simple pricing for all.

All property management businesses need to visualize their data and make decisions easily, so we give you the option to decide how your team uses PMAnalytics.

$ 1.50

/ unit / month

Unlimited Customizable Dashboards

Automated Data Consolidation

Connect to Yardi Software and Excel

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Is PMAnalytics right for me?

If you consistently run into problems consolidating Yardi data with Excel data or you need help visualizing your data, then PMAnalytics is right for you. Our sales team can work with you determine how you can benefit from our dashboards or customize them to fit your needs.


How long does it take to onboard?

Onboarding can take minutes! We work specifically with you to consolidate your data, so you don't have to hire a developer or data analyst and save money in the long run. Additionally, we will customize any of our dashboards to answer the critical questions that keep you up at night.


Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes! If you aren't satisfied after 90 days, let us know and we will be happy to provide a full refund! We always want to provide an amazing experience tailored to our customers, and will work with you to ensure your successful.


How easy is it to share with people outside my organization?

Our dashboards are specifically built for you to export, download, or share whichever way you see fit. Customers can keep their investors, financial advisors, and other key stakeholders consistently updated.

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